Initiatives to engage and integrate our employees

Events that draw in employees' families, in addition to volunteer initiatives that benefit the area around head office or other area of operation of the Group.

Easter Giving

Employees are invited to donate chocolate Easter eggs to needy children from schools or institutions, and even participate in handing them out.



Kids' Visit

Once a year, the children of our employees have the opportunity to get to know their parents' workplace during an afternoon full of fun activities. 

Volunteer Spirit

The Group's oldest social project was implemented in 2006 and takes place in August, the month of when National Volunteer Day is celebrated.  To date, there have been more than 3,000 beneficiaries, and every year the campaign changes its format to serve different audiences and institutions. 

Children's Day + Happy

Children who will benefit from the campaign decorated boxes that employees will choose from to use as the package for the gift to be donated. 

Family Day

This is yet another initiative to build bonds between the company and the employees' families who are invited to spend a morning at the Group's headquarters, participating in recreational activities and interacting with other families. 

Christmas Giving

The cards that are part of the decoration of the company's Christmas tree invite employees to choose someone give a gift to, whether a toy or another type of present, depending on the target audience.