Integrity Program

Good corporate governance practices also help ensure the integrity of the operations, by promoting values of responsibility and transparency. Therefore, the Group's Integrity Program sponsors initiatives that reflect the company's values and interests.

Code of Conduct

We are guided by our values: DYNAMISM, EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY and INNOVATION.

Everyone is expected to apply them in every decision and interaction, since these values have made the Cornélio Brennand Group what it is today. They strengthen the brand's reputation and promote solid relationships with its employees, customers, business partners and the community.

The Group's Code of Conduct was drafted with the help of its employees and support from external auditors. It is based on personal and collective responsibility, as well as transparency, professionalism and respect for ethics and the law. Its application reinforces the development of a culture of reliability and integrity within our company.

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The Code of Conduct for Suppliers is intended to provide the conduct required in the Cornélio Brennand Group's relations with its suppliers and related and controlled companies, as well as its managers, directors and employees.

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Ethics Channel

The Cornélio Brennand Group encourages the reporting of any suspected illegal acts and has had an Ombudsman Channel since 2014 for receiving and investigating reported breaches of the Code of Conduct.

It is run by a specialized company that ensures total independence in relation to the reception, sorting and forwarding of reported incidents, in addition to maintaining the anonymity and confidentiality of all information received.

Employees, service providers, suppliers and the general public are free to contact the Ombudsman Channel.

Forms of contact
Telephone: 0800 721 1499
Caixa Postal: nº 5701 – CEP 41820-970 – Salvador – BA